Amino Certified Engineer Training

Empower your team to quickly deploy and support Amino hardware and software in your eco-system safe in the knowledge that they were trained by leaders in the IPTV industry. Connect with us and discover more.

Understanding your technical environment and the importance of excellent customer experience is something that we at Amino fully appreciate. To support your goal of rapid deployment, reliable service and fast problem resolution, Amino now offers your technical staff the ideal opportunity to become proficient and also gain a highly-regarded certification.

The training offers two streams: the ‘Amino Certified Engineer (Operations)’ is perfect for technical personnel required to understand, support, maintain and troubleshoot technical issues on deployed Amino set-top boxes. The ‘Amino Certified Engineer (Development)’ is for programmers who are required to create set-top box web interfaces and combines specific knowledge of Amino hardware with fundamental understanding of displaying web interfaces via television screens.

Successful completion of Amino Certified Engineer training will provide the attendee with a qualification from a well-respected brand in the IPTV industry and highlight technical expertise in the field of IPTV from either a technical support and troubleshooting perspective, or as an expert in IPTV portal development.

The training is modular so you can select the appropriate courses to suit the requirements of your business and personnel.


  • To provide a set of comprehensive training courses covering key aspects of using Amino set-top boxes within an IPTV system (including OTT)
  • To enhance the basic understanding in different areas to meet the requirements of developers and operators working with Amino devices
  • To certify attendees to show a level of understanding of the topics covered


The Certified Engineer training is made up of a number of courses which can be taken individually. However, certain combinations lead to a recognised certification – subject to passing exams in these areas. Additional courses can therefore be added as required.

We can also create a training course customised to your specific needs if required.


These training courses are designed to be delivered at Amino's head office training facility in Cambridge (UK). If you have a requirement to receive training at an alternative location please contact us to discuss your requirements. Training courses are run by our technical team in a friendly, informal environment.
Please note a cut down version of the first course - An Introduction to IPTV - is available online via a webinar.

Please contact to discuss further or to enquire about courses and availability.

Course 1: Introduction to IPTV

This one-day course introduces the concept of IPTV and requires no previous knowledge, all information and terminology will be explained during the course. The perfect training course for anyone new to IPTV who needs to quickly learn how it works, and what is required to successfully deliver video over IP networks.

Course 2: Introduction to Amino

This two-day course is an intensive two days full of information, hands-on exercises and technical concepts and scenarios designed to equip the attendee with all the skills necessary to operate and manage any number of Amino set-top boxes. This course brings an engineer who was previously unfamiliar with Amino products up to speed with loading software, managing and supporting our devices.

Course 3: Advanced STB Administration

This two-day course is a very hands-on workshop designed to give attendees practical experience and knowledge of our devices, including creating standard or customised software builds and managing the environment in which they are used. This course is perfect for technical staff responsible for provisioning, maintaining, upgrading or troubleshooting Amino products.

Course 4: STB Troubleshooting

A one-day course for technical staff requiring in-depth knowledge on how to troubleshoot set-top boxes within a deployment.

Course 5: JMACX Developer

This course is aimed at developers who are looking to create HTML/JavaScript solutions for Amino devices.