IoT & Smart Home

Attract new subscribers, increase ARPU and customer retention with value-added broadband services.

For decades, operators and CE companies have battled for the living room. Vying for control over the consumer experience and related interactions. Today, the battleground has shifted from controlling the living room to control over the connected consumer. With the connected consumer constantly on the move, it seems almost impossible to pin down to a single location, content source or access device.

For most people their home is their biggest investment. Allow your connected consumers to always feel at home by offering them a seamless connected home experience – managed by you. Strengthen your relationship with consumers by offering branded home control services that will give them peace of mind and enable them to control their home from anywhere.


    By bundling smart home services with a premium broadband tier, you present subscribers with a valuable home control service that helps to enhance your broadband bundle while allowing you to differentiate and take back control of your network.


    IoT is the next wave of OTT services seeking to bypass or marginalize the role of the broadband service provider. Increase your revenue opportunity with a managed home monitoring solution that is ready to deploy over any broadband network.


    Service providers with multiple applications and services per subscriber have a deeper relationship with their customer, thus, increasing the retention rate. Reduce churn and broaden your customer relationship with multi-service bundles that will increase your ARPU.


TV Devices

Deliver any content over any network to any screen at any time. Our family of hybrid TV devices – from compact client devices and high-performance recorders to media servers – are powered by our field-proven ENABLE virtual set-top box software platform.

Lead and innovate with Amino VIEW.

Simplified Service Assurance

A comprehensive suite of management tools that lets you efficiently and proactively support and improve your quality of service across any network.

Resolve support challenges with Amino ENGAGE.