The Amino A’s - Providing Advice to Help Customers Adapt

The Amino A’s are Amino’s core beliefs in how it interacts with customers and partners. They reflect Amino’s commitment to providing advice and taking action, while remaining agnostic, in giving them a competitive advantage. This is the first of four discussions about how we help customers compete in the TV Everywhere landscape.

With a powerful heritage as an IPTV pioneer, Amino has naturally evolved into a trusted partner for operators as they grow and continually reinvent their offerings for the TV Everywhere, all-IP future. It’s how we work.

Amino has driven the IPTV marketplace for two decades and works as the solutions partner of choice for more than 250 operators in 100-plus countries. Partnering with Amino means operators are able to draw on 20 years of innovation in software, hardware, cloud implementation and upcycling legacy systems – and profit from the resulting deep expertise. We understand the challenges operators face today and can advise on the unique combination of software and hardware solutions required to support next-generation services that win over consumers and pave the way for recurring revenues and subscriber growth.

We collaborate with our ecosystem partners and customers to not only understand what the market needs today but how customers can take pragmatic steps to prepare themselves for the future of TV consumption. Whether this is helping operators gain the agility they need to adapt to the changing face of Pay TV, understand what challenges their fellow operators are facing, or to boost their operational efficiency in delivering multiscreen TV services, Amino engages with its customers to align with their needs and provide the advice that takes their video services to the next level.

Donald McGarva
Group Chief Executive Officer