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As a trusted IPTV innovator since 1997, our entertainment and connected home solutions have enabled progressive service providers to enrich the lives of connected consumers around the world. With over 7 million devices shipped, we have a proven track record for rock-solid reliability, innovation and best-in class customer care. Let us help you find the right solution.

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OTT Video

Over 100 million OTT subscribers worldwide today; Expected $13.7b revenue by 2020.

Proliferation of Screens

Over 78% of consumers watch video on a second device.

Internet of Things

Over 50 billion IP-connected devices worldwide today; Expected $12b in Security & Control services/devices by 2018.


The future of TV is a curious thing, we actually know how the story ends: all media, all services in the cloud, delivered on-demand to all devices. A truly connected consumer experience. Over 1,000 of the world's leading service providers have entrusted us on this journey, enabling them to deliver advanced video services and smart devices to their discerning consumers.

What we offer

Let us help you launch innovative services that will enhance the lives of connected consumers and strengthen your relationships.

Virtual STB Software

ENABLE transforms legacy TV service and offers a seamless and modernize user experience across both legacy and next-gen devices while extending the life and return on existing infrastructure.

Liberate yourself from Legacy TV with Amino ENABLE.

TV Devices

Deliver any content over any network to any screen at any time. Our family of hybrid TV devices – from compact client devices and high-performance recorders to media servers – are powered by our field-proven ENABLE virtual set-top box software platform.

Lead and innovate with Amino VIEW.

TV solution

Seamlessly deliver a full range of in-home and mobile TV experiences to instantly expand your market reach and add new revenue streams with our multi-screen service offering.

Enrich and connect consumers with Amino MOVE.

Simplified Service Assurance

A comprehensive suite of management tools that lets you efficiently and proactively support and improve your quality of service across any network.

Resolve support challenges with Amino ENGAGE.

Android TV

Amino’s specialist Android TV skills and capabilities to take you from ‘operator tier’ to ‘operator ready’.

Our Customers

More than 1,000 of the world's leading service providers have relied on us to enable them to deliver advanced revenue-generating Hybrid TV and Cloud services. Here are just a few that have deployed with us:

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