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Broadband TV Edition

Create A Premium Broadband Internet Service That Brings Over-The-Top To Your Bottom Line

The Broadband TV Edition provides an alternative service delivery platform for offering a rich TV service without the capital investment of an IPTV system. This is a turnkey solution that includes equipment, software and services. To satisfy the needs of today’s demanding subscribers, the Broadband TV Edition seamlessly brings together live TV, DVR, personal media sharing, place-shifting, and the best of Web media services through a seamless user experience – one device, one remote control, one user interface. 

With FusionTV, the consumer chooses how they want to receive linear HDTV, with options including Over the Air (OTA) and Cable TV.  The linear TV service is complemented with DVR and a growing array of online services such as VOD, music streaming, photo sharing, social media, and other popular web destinations.

FusionTV is especially well suited for deployments that have a geographically diverse footprint with a range of network infrastructure capabilities. With the Broadband TV Edition, you can deliver a premium video service to your existing broadband customers without the maintenance and cost of a full scale IPTV deployment.

 Benefits of Broadband TV Edition:

  • Immediately reach your entire broadband Internet subscriber base
  • Grow your premium broadband Internet service tier
  • Reduce churn through a highly differentiated, “sticky” broadband service
  • Make OTT services accessible to consumers without requiring a separate device for linear TV and OTT
  • Offer a rich video service without the infrastructure investments of IPTV


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