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FusionTV® is a first-of-its-kind service that brings together the best of linear TV and web media services into a single, unified user experience.  FusionTV was created by Entone based on the belief that consumers and service operators alike will benefit from a blended service offering that includes linear TV, digital video recording (DVR), and web media services.

The IPTV Edition of FusionTV turns traditional IPTV services into FusionTV by adding web media services such as web-based video-on-demand (WebVOD), Internet radio streaming, and photo sharing.

The Broadband TV Edition of FusionTV is bundled with broadband Internet as a value-added service aimed at increasing the scale and “stickiness” of an operator’s premium broadband Internet service.

In either deployment scenario, FusionTV combines the best of linear TV and web media services into a unified user experience with a single TV input, single remote control, and single user interface.

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