We enrich the connection between operators and consumers.

Over 150 global service operators have deployed with Entone.

Transformative Changes for Pay TV Operators

The Pay TV industry is being challenged and altered as never before.

OTT Video

Over 20 million OTT subscribers in the US alone.

Proliferation of Screens

Over 40% of consumers watch video on a second device.

Internet of Things

Over 50 billion IP-connected devices worldwide by 2020.

Battle for the Connected Consumer

The battle ground has shifted from the living room to the connected consumer.

The Past

For decades, operators and CE companies have battled for the living room angling for control of the consumer experience and related interactions. That's yesterday's news.

  • Operator-controlled content
  • Operator-controlled access to content
  • 1-3 IP addresses per home

The Future

Today, the battle is for the connected consumer, always on the move and impossible to pin down to a single location, content source, or access device.

  • Hybrid of operator-managed and web-based content sources
  • Hybrid of operator-provisioned and consumer purchased access devices
  • Dozens of IP addresses per consumer and home

How We Can Help You

Entone's mission is to enrich the connection between operators and consumers.

Our solutions are singularly focused on achieving this mission.

In August 2015, Entone Inc. was acquired by Amino Technologies plc. To find out more, please visit www.aminocom.com.

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